Brain Candy


Man cannot live on bread alone, and this woman cannot live on critically acclaimed literature alone. Hence my reading of Preston and Child’s Gideon’s Corpse. It’s the second in a new series from them- the other is the Pendergast series, which I’ve read a good portion of. It’s a lot better, but I like to read the books that friends have loaned me. For a thriller, it was pretty good- your typical grand conspiracy that affects the country/world, a beautiful woman the hero falls for for exactly one book, twists, turns, and a lot of pages that go by very quickly. Given the state of mind I was in while dealing with that bout of insomnia, it was the sort of book I needed- no major thinking required. In other words, brain candy.

Brain candy, in my personal dictionary, consists of books that are quick to read, easy to follow, and perfect for those times when you want to read, but just don’t have the mental energy to spare for something terribly complex in its characters, ideas, or whatnot. I spent my college years reading books like that- the Preston and Child Pendergast books, Dan Brown, and a lot of Mercedes Lackey. I read a lot of heavy material for my classes, so the brain candy books served as a nice break from the Camus, Aquinas, and Lacan (among others) texts that were dense enough to give me a headache in short order.

Do I read Lackey and the others now? No, not really. Since I’m dealing with a massive class load these days, I have mental energy to spare to read whatever heavy material I choose to delve into.

Unless I have another case of insomnia. Then it’s back to the brain candy.
As for what I’m reading now:
Escape from Freedom– Erich Fromm
Steampunk: An Illustrated History of Fantasical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions– Brian J. Robb

I finished Among Others a few days ago. It was odd and almost predictable, but definitely readable. Read it for the faeries.

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