Delight. Petrichor.

It would seem that I’m on another Neil Gaiman book blitz. Or a Neil Gaiman writing blitz in general, since the writing of his that I’m consuming doesn’t all end up in books in particular. There’s TV, too, and radio, and however it ends up floating into my head, it’s all completely brilliant. And a little terrifying and wonderful. Like Halloween, rainy summer days, and twisty-lovely words all wrapped up in a funny-shaped little package with shiny wrapping paper all covered up with the dust and grime of a hundred years stored away in your grandmother’s attic.

So. What have I been taking in of Neil Gaiman’s- aside from his odd little blog?

The Graveyard Book, which I have somehow managed to not read until now. How this has happened, I don’t know. I finished it this morning around 2:00.

The Doctor’s Wife, which is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who (series six, episode four- it’s streaming on Netflix)

Neverwhere, which the BBC is presenting as a serial radio drama starring James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, Anthony Head, and Benedict Cumberbatch, among other fantastic British actors. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up re-reading the book.

I sort of accidentally fell in love with Gaiman’s work when I was fourteen or so, and there was a book with an interesting cover amidst the best seller crime novels and romances that  normally populated the teeny book section of the little general store that was the main stop for whatever odd thing you might need in the small town where I grew up. Once I read the synopsis, in which I discovered that a normal guy named Richard falls through a crack in reality and ends up in the bizarre world of London Below, I had to take it home, and once I got it home, I was completely and utterly hooked.

Once you follow Richard into Neil Gaiman’s world, it’s impossible to go back, but your adventures in those worlds are so strange and beautiful and frightening that it’s difficult to want to go back.

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