On the Brain

I”m getting a little behind here. What have I been reading lately?

I finished up Deep Play by Diane Ackerman which was wonderful. I have yet to find a Diane Ackerman book that doesn’t suck me in within a paragraph. It’s a rare writer to can link such topics as Antarctic penguins, the Grand Canyon, and riding bicycles, make the connections seem natural, and do it all with graceful writing. She makes the craft of writing beautiful non-fiction seem so terribly easy. Ms Ackerman also makes a person want to go out and see the world in a breathless sort of Bilbo Baggins “I’m going on an adventure!!” kind of way.

Her book, A Natural History of the Senses, is one I read every year, usually in June or July when it’s hot enough that I’m desperately wishing January’s frigid temperatures would hurry up and make an appearance.  Her memoir-ish work, One Hundred Names for Love, is amazing and all kind of brilliant, as well.

Can you tell I like Diane Ackerman?


In other news, I’m still working on Great Expectations. I might have read more of it had I not left my Nook at work over the weekend. With two days off and lovely weather to enjoy, I didn’t feel like driving all the way there to pick it up.

Assuming I stick to my plan, I’ll be finishing up A Study in Scarlet tonight. I don’t have all that much of it left. Or maybe I’ll have my nose buried in Stefan Klein’s Leonardo’s Legacy- How Da Vinci Reimagined the World. I’m already 60 pages in and am really enjoying it. Of course, Da Vinci is one of my favorite historical figures, so I’m already inclined to like it.

Oh! I just remembered another book I finished recently- Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, by Maria Konnikova. I enjoy reading about the workings of the human brain, so this was a fun read about the neurological processes that Sherlock Holmes would have developed over the course of his life (had he been a real person), and how anyone can, with practice, develop similar abilities in deduction, memory, and reasoning.

How I feel when I open a new book.

How I feel when I open a new book.

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