I’m headed to London next spring, and in honor of this fact, I picked up Peter Ackroyd’s London: The Biography from the library,  157 pages in, and it’s… interesting. Not enjoyable in the sense that it’s fun to read like Pride and Prejudice is fun to read, but it is compelling. It’s less of a chronological history of the city and more meditations on different aspects of the city as it has existed through the ages- chapters on the city’s noise, smoke, early history and possible origins of the names, etc. The current chapter covers the development of the Cockney accent. It’s a long book, but I’m looking forward to continuing it. I read Ackroyd’s London Underground last year, which is about the ancient portions of the city that haven’t seen daylight for centuries.

In other news, I’m a little behind on my reading, but there are a couple of long scholarly books I’ve been reading about Old English literature and art history that I’ve been making my slow way through over the past couple of months, I’m nearing the end of both of them. From there, I don’t have a plan for what I’m reading next. I suppose a long trip to the library will be in order. I am not upset about this.

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