Running out of time….

Well, it’s December 3rd, and I have seven books left to read to reach my goal of 100. On the list:

1. The Crystal Cave– Mary Stewart
2. The Hollow Hills– Mary Stewart
3. The Last Enchantment– Mary Stewart
4. The Wicked Day– Mary Stewart
5. A Moveable Feast– Ernest Hemingway

From there? I don’t know yet. I’ll probably end up at the library one of these days and find half a dozen I’ll be mad for. We’ll see how it goes. I was a little worried around mid-November, because I had a major project that was eating up all of my downtime, and so I had no time at all to read anything, but after a couple of days off at Thanksgiving, I caught up.

Mary Stewart’s Arthurian saga is one I’ve read a few times now. I think it’s my modern treatment of the King Arthur legends (probably because Merlin is my favorite character in the Arthurian legends [hence my love for the BBC show, Merlin]), but I have to admit that I haven’t read The Wicked Day yet. I know what happens, and I’m reluctant to see it happen to these characters I’m so enthralled with. I’ve been happy to leave off with the happy(ish) ending of the third book, but I made something of a promise to myself to continue on with the last one, no matter how sad it might be. Because Arthurian legend is rarely made of happy endings.


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