And, uh, Then There Was One

I miscounted.

My Goodreads app sent me a “your reading year in review” email- early, I thought, as there are still eleven days left in 2013- and so I checked it out. Statistics are fun little things if they pertain to something you’re interested in, and I’m interested in what I read.

As I was double checking my Goodreads list with the list I set up on my computer, I noticed that I had not counted Jo Walton’s Among Others, which I read in February. It was an odd little book about a girl who loves to read all sorts of science fiction and fantasy, and who all the while is living her own fantastical life involving magic and the evil witch who is also her mother. It was different and odd and unlike most anything I had ever read before. I quite enjoyed it.

And I can’t believe I left it off my “Books I’ve Read” list. I feel a bit stupid for that.

At the same time, it means I’m one step closer to be goal than I thought I was, which is good, because Mary Stewart’s The Wicked Day came in for me at the library today.

I am not looking forward to it.

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