I made it. All the way to 100.

I actually made it there last week, but I’ve been so busy in the past week that I haven’t had time to sit down and write about it. I worked a lot instead, and then did a lot of driving.

Book #100 was Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses, which I’ve been reading since college. It’s an exploration of the five senses that winds through topics from the way Cezanne saw the world at the end of his life through a description of the way penguins in Antarctica smelled. I have read virtually everything Ms. Ackerman has written, but A Natural History of the Senses is the one I always go back to. Her other works are just as gracefully written, but they’re not as drenched in imagery as this one. A lot of the research is out of date, since the book came out in 1990, but the imagery never dies, and that’s why I go back to it year after year.



Emperor Penguins in Ross Sea, Antarctica

Because, really? Who doesn’t love penguins? [Emperor Penguins in Ross Sea, Antarctica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)]

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