On Writing

I found this in my local newspaper today:

“This is not only my personal means of self-expression, it is my passion. When I’m writing, I get to experience almost firsthand, the trials of space exploration, adventures and expeditions I’ll never get to lead, food I’ll never get to taste and eras in time I can never visit. I get to talk to trees and accept a sarcastic response, watch the construction of ancient Egyptian pyramids and have tea with aliens on any planet I want, all before whoever I have decided to be at the time takes a moment to save the world. My pen is a time machine, a wormhole, and a spaceship. My pen is my therapist, a means of seeing opposing views and an outlet for everything I feel. My pen is my love, my fear, my contempt, my joy, my inner beauty, my disgust, my hatred, my forgiveness; my pen is an extension of myself, and when I’m writing, I can create or destroy anything I want and bend everything to my will. My pen is my magic wand, and with it, I am a wizard.”

– Graham Nelson

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