Walking by Sound

Reading is going slowly these days. I have finished five books this year, mostly non-fiction, though I am about 113 pages into Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale. I do love magic realism, but sadly, I haven’t had the sort of time I’d like to devote to this book. Work is interfering with that. Darn work.

A couple of weeks ago, I did read straight through a wonderful book by Rosemary Mahoney called, For the Benefit of Those Who See- Dispatches from the World of the Blind, in which Mahoney writes about her work at two schools for the blind- one in Tibet, and the other in India. It’s a sparkling book about the schools themselves, as well as many of the students Mahoney met there, as well as the schools’ founder. Over the course of her work with the students, you can tell how Mahoney’s opinion of them changed and how she began to view them as brilliant young people who had overcome incredible odds to end up where they were. She also writes about blindness in history, and how the blind have been treated throughout the years.

It’s a fantastic book, and I found it hard to put down. In reading about a couple of young Tibetan women scurrying about Lhasa by sound and the feeling of the ground under their feet, I found myself paying attention to more than just the things I could see and realized how much of the world of sound and feeling I miss because I’m so focused on what I’m seeing.

Read this book. It’ll open your eyes to a different world.

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