This is Where the Shoes Go

I’ve been looking at the Apartment Therapy website a lot since I moved into my new place. Looking for small space organizational and design tips, mostly. I’m something of a neatnik and have a weird sense of order- my DVDs, for example, are arrange chronologically by plot (Don’t look at me like that. Most of my collection consists of historical dramas. You can trace the fictitious history of western Europe in my DVDs). So everything in my apartment has its own little place, and that’s where it returns to at the end of the day. I lose things, otherwise. The shoes, for example, go under the bed. Unless they’re tall boots, in which case they go in the closet. Of course.

I’ve picked up a lot of fun little aesthetic tips, too, but the one I’ll never be able to take is the “arrange your books by color to give your bookshelf more harmonius vibe!” advice.

Excuse me? My books? By color?

Nope. Not doing it. However will I find them? Right now, they’re arranged alphabetically- for fiction- and by the Dewey Decimal system- for non-fiction. The books might look a little wonky as they sit there, but it makes more sense that way. Yes, it might give the place a ‘harmonius vibe’ to have all the blue books together, but it makes no logical sense to put my centenary edition of The Lord of the Rings next to my little paperback copy of Loren Eiseley’s Immense Journey, next to Mansfield Park. No. Sense.

Sorry, interior designers. As pretty as you think color coordinated bookshelves are, I’m never going to go with it. My books must have their order, and that order is Dewey Decimal.

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