Cover Art

This was the lovely surprise I got when I took the dust jacket off my new copy of The Fellowship of the Ring to keep it from getting torn as I take the book out and about:

DSC_8059 copy

I wish more hardcover books had these sorts of details. I checked the last book I bought in hardcover, and it was a plain blue with only the title and author written on the side. My copy of Pride and Prejudice is from the 1950s is more like this copy of Fellowship of the Ring. I wasn’t thrilled with the dust jacket on it, so I took it off and stored it, leaving behind a lovely, dark green cover with a gold-colored imprint of a woman playing a harp on the front and a design of leaves and lines gracing the binding.

I know that elements like this make the book’s production costs rise, but wouldn’t it be nice if those little details were there?

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