Do These Glasses Make Me Look Nerdy?

DSC02870 copy

I got my first pair of glasses today. I’m still getting used to them.

It’s an odd thing, wearing prescription glasses for the first time. The world is suddenly sharper and seems more three-dimensional than before, while at the bottom edge of the lenses there’s this weird distortion that makes me feel like I’m about six inches taller than I really am. These changes are pretty cool right up until I want to do something like walk up stairs or step off a curb.

I haven’t fallen down. Yet. Although I nearly face-planted while walking out of the opthamologist’s clinic this afternoon.

Sadly, I had to go straight back to work after I picked them up, or I would have spent the day at the library indulging my inner librarian. It’s strange what a pair of glasses and a stereotypical hairstyle will do for you.

I thought I would be more reluctant to wear my new glasses, seeing as how I got them because my astigmatism has finally gotten bad enough due to nothing more than…. age. I’m getting older, like we all are, and my eyes are starting to show it. I’m fortunate in that I didn’t need them in junior high like my siblings did, but still. I need glasses because I’m not nineteen anymore.

In other news, I pre-ordered Will Thomas’s new book, Anatomy of Evil from my local indie bookstore. When I arrived at the store to pick it up, however, I discovered that they had ordered the wrong book. It was the right title, but by the wrong author. The woman at the shop said she would talk to the buyer the next day and put a rush on it. I’m hoping to get it over the weekend, or Monday at the latest.

Lyndsay Faye’s new book, The Fatal Flame, came out this week, as well. I knew it was due out this spring, but I had forgotten what the exact date was. Turns out it was last Tuesday. I’ve read the first two books in her Timothy Wilde trilogy, and they were brilliant. Lyrically written, and with the kinds of twists and turns that felt logical within the story and kept me guessing about the ending. With a lot of mysteries, I can figure out what’s going to happen fairly early on. I will probably end up picking The Fatal Flame up after I finish Anatomy of Evil.

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