Book Clubs and Bugs

A group of us started a book club about a year and a half ago. There are usually about five to seven of us who meet up at a coffee shop once a month. We read a book one month, and do crafts the next month– crochet, knitting, and beadwork are the most popular crafts by far, but last time we ended up rolling skeins of yarn into balls of yarn to help one of the women for a work project.

Sometimes it seems like we hardly see each other, since we only meet once a month. But then we get back together and it’s like no time has passed. It’s kind of amazing how quickly you can get to know a person over coffee, books, and yarn. And while yes, it’s technically a Book Club, and we read books, it feels like we hardly end up talking about the books (which I know isn’t the case. We talk about them a lot), but that’s not necessarily the whole point. Books are the thing we gathered around, but because we’ve been meeting for a while now, we know each other. The first question isn’t necessarily, “What did you think of the book?”, but “How’s your dog doing? Is she feeling better now?” or “So how was that road trip? I see you survived it…”

It’s fantastic. No pressure to even finish the book if life happened and you couldn’t read anything for a while, no pressure to made some grand and eloquent statement regarding whatever it was the book was about. It’s more a matter of, “I like it, but there was this weird thing in the middle that made me go ‘huh?’ for about four chapters”.

Our book club is about what any good book club should be about– finding new friends first, and new books second.

Plus, there are occasional, clandestine baked goods involved (shhh! Don’t tell the people at the coffee shop!)


Because, apparently, the interwebs (or at least blogs and Facebook and everything else I use regularly) doesn’t seem to care much about sound files (preferring pictures and videos) instead, I had to create a SoundCloud profile to upload the recording(s) I’ve made and will be making of the everyday sorts of sounds in my little corner of the world. So far, I only have one sound– a minute’s worth of cicadas in eastern Nebraska. If you want to hear how loud and weird they sound, click here:

Cicadas in Nebraska

For some reason that I haven’t figured out yet, SoundCloud automatically starts playing the next track that I listened to after setting up the cicada sound, so don’t be surprised if a metal song starts playing. I don’t know what I’m doing on SoundCloud yet. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

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