Pancakes & Maple Syrup


Last week, two of my best friends from college (they’re now married to each other) went to northern Minnesota for a weeklong vacation. His family rents a cabin on the shores of Lake Vermilion just about every year. I’ve been up there with them twice, though not since 2012. As long as you remember to bring the bug spray and a warm hoodie, it’s a fabulous place to spend a week away from the bustle and heat of a Midwestern summer.

Outside of Cook, MN, there is a functioning mill where they grind their own grain and sell wonderful things like pancake mixes, candies, and maple syrup. It’s easy to go a little bit nuts in there, since everything smells fantastic and tastes even better. My friends brought me two different pancake mixes (pumpkin and apple pie), as well as a bottle of maple syrup as thanks for watering the plants and minding the house while they were gone.

It’s not, to my mind, pancake season quite yet, but I have yet another reason to look forward to Sunday mornings this fall.

Check out Homestead Mills in Cook, Minnesota (psst! You can shop for their products online!).

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