New Acquisition

Someday I will learn that I shouldn’t go into the bookstore, because I will invariably find a book that must come home with me. My ‘to read’ stack grows ever taller.

But that’s okay. Where would we be without an ever-growing ‘to read’ list? Nowhere fun, that’s for sure.

DSC00736The cover of Shan Sa’s Empress caught my eye first, and upon reading the summary I decided that it would be the sort of book I would fall in love with. It’s quite a long way down the list, since I’ve promised myself I would read the older books first. They’ve been waiting longer.

Empress is the story of Empress Wu, the seventh century figure who was China’s first and only female emperor who, like many female rulers through history, has been maligned by those who came after her for daring to take power.

I’ve been wanting to read more about the history of the East, so Empress seems like it would be a good gateway into the history of China, like historical fiction set in the Western world has sparked my interest in European history.


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