New Acquisition 06/25/2016

DSC02331I don’t know what bright soul at my little town’s general store ordered an odd little book called Neverwhere to be stocked among the cheap romance novels and bestselling thrillers that usually lined the shelves when I was a teenager, but I’m forever grateful to him/her for doing it. I would have undoubtedly come across Neil Gaiman’s work at some point, but  Neverwhere, like a lot of books I’ve read through the years, seems to have come along at just the right point in my life.

Books are funny like that.

DSC02326Given my nearly twenty-year love affair with Gaiman’s work, it was a given that I would purchase a copy of The View From the Cheap Seats, which is a collection of various essays and articles he has written for the years. I’m not sure if it’s going to be one of those books I savor over the course of days or weeks, or if I’ll simply sit down with it and read and read and read until I fall asleep at four a.m., but I will certainly love this book.

In other news, I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s memoir, Kitchen Confidential. I’m not entirely sure how he survived the 80s, but the book is certainly an interesting read, and I have even more respect for the people who operate and work in restaurants. Cooking is akin to magic to me, and people who can cook at such a high level so quickly for so many people day after day after day are either crazy or driven. Maybe a little of both.


My book club met this morning. We’ve moved to a different spot- no longer at the coffee shop, but at a little sandwich and pastry shop instead. While they don’t have the best coffee, their pastries and bread are the best in town.

06_26_2016 a6000_01

So while it’s hot outside and the rest of the world seems mired in endless strife and uncertainty, today, around the table with friends, life is good.



2 thoughts on “New Acquisition 06/25/2016

    • I hope you like it! I know books like ‘American Gods’ are more highly regarded, but ‘Neverwhere’ has been my favorite of all of Gaiman’s books.

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