I hate being just a little ill. I mean, I hate being sick in general, but having just a touch of some illness is awful. I’m too sick to go anywhere (I don’t want to make anyone else sick), but I’m well enough that I can’t justify sitting on the couch getting caught up on Blacklist while there are dishes to wash and vacuuming to be done.

Once they’re complete, though, it’s off to the couch for me for Netflix and reading.

I’m still in the midst of Mary Beard’s SPQR- Julis Caesar has just crossed the Rubicon with his army and is set to take power as Rome’s first emperor. This is, fortunately, an engaging book since I’m reading it in little spurts on my phone and eReader whenever I have a few minutes to kill.

I put Breath of Earth down a few days ago and haven’t been interested enough to pick it back up again. I might give Cato’s Clockwork Dagger a try, but I’m just not that taken with the world and characters of Breath of Earth.

Friday night, before I got sick, I headed to the indie bookshop to pre-order a couple of books- the Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, and Ella Morton. It’s a compendium of weird and wonderful places all around the world, and is sort of an offshoot of their website, another guide to strange places and happenings.

I also pre-ordered Hell Bay by Will Thomas, the next in the Barker and Llewellyn mysteries set in the darker parts of Victorian London. I’m planning to re-read the most recent three books in the series, just to reacquaint myself with what’s been going on in the series. That, and they’re an awful lot of fun.

I need to visit this bookshop more often. It’s a beautiful place.

I got my fountain pen and notebook! I actually received it on Thursday, a whole two days after it shipped. I’m in love with the pen, as I’ve had a hard time finding a fountain pen where the ink flow doesn’t up and stop in the middle of a word. I keep reading that fountain pens work for left-handers, but that has not been the case for me. But my Pilot Metropolitan has a smooth inkflow with a fine enough nib and line that my scrawly handwriting doesn’t blur together into an unreadable mess.


My Rhodia Webnotebook looks great, too, though opening it will come later, when I’m ready to start setting up my 2017 bullet journal.


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