A Quick Trip to Colorado and New Acquisitions

I took a quick trip out to Colorado to visit a friend, and I didn’t want to come back. It’s so beautiful out there! Cute little bookshops, shopping zones just for pedestrians, tasty coffee, a store completely devoted to old maps, and fantastic breweries. Not to mention the mountains, endless hiking trails, and gorgeous weather. I wished I could have stayed longer than just a few days.



I bought a book while I was there (surprise, surprise). The title caught my eye first. I’m a long time Star Trek fan and so is the friend I was visiting, so the shows and movies had come up in conversation. So when you see a book titled, The Hunt for Vulcan, you’re going to pick it up and investigate. And if you’re me, the synopsis makes you want to read it, and so of course you have to buy it.


Once I got home, I was finally able to pick up Hell Bay, Will Thomas’s newest Barker & Llewelyn novel. I had pre-ordered it from the indie bookstore downtown, and while it arrived before I left for Colorado, I couldn’t get it until I came home, since the release date was the 25th- when I was gone.

I started reading it on Friday, and so far it is fantastic! I haven’t been able to pinpoint the guilty party yet, though I have my suspicions.


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