New Acquisition


I picked this up the other day. It’s a lovely book! The cover is a rich purple that I can’t quite duplicate here, and while I prefer my hardbound books to have a dust cover, I’m fine with the fact that this one does not have one. Each woman gets a two or three page biography, so it covers a lot of territory across the world and through history. There are plenty of wonderful illustrations, too. I had intended to start reading this morning, but waking up was hard to do. That’s the problem with comfy beds on cold, gray January mornings…

In other news, I’m not quite halfway through Dewey, the book about the library cat. So far it’s purrfectly charming. I wish my own cat were half as loving as Dewey, especially when other people are around, but I suppose having a cat who is obsessed with rubber bands presents its own problems.

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