New Acquisitions

I spent my day off doing a not-fun thing followed by a very fun thing. In the morning, I filed my taxes. That was a two hour hassle in which my internet connection- normally a stable one- decided to go out twice. Never for long, but when you’re in the middle of doing something important it’s infuriating.

The very fun thing happened after that, when I went downtown to go to my favorite used bookstore.


I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sharon Kay Penman, and while I’ve primarily heard about her book, Legacy, which is about Elizabeth I, I decided to give Falls the Shadow set during the reign of Henry III.

The Well Educated Mind is one of the books about books that keeps popping up when I do searches for such books, so into the cart it went. The British History Podcast has reignited my interest in early English writing, so finding Anglo-Saxon Poetry made me happy (and who wouldn’t like an illustration like the one on its cover?). And Yosemite– well, Ansel Adams’s work speaks for itself. I’m just surprised someone else hadn’t already snatched up this gorgeous little book.

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