Book and Coffee Photos


from Buzzfeed

Have you ever seen those photographs of layers of books garnished with a cup of tea or coffee that are all over Pinterest and Tumblr and whatnot? Don’t they look amazing when they’re done right?

I generally have two initial responses to photos like these. One is ‘Why would you plop open books on top of each other like that! Get a bookmark and store them properly! And why, for the love of all that’s good, are you putting a cup of coffee ON that book?’ My second response is, ‘That’s so pretty! I must do that, too!’

So here’s my first try:


The open book is a paperback copy of Essais de Montaigne printed in France in 1925. I don’t feel bad about it splaying open like that, since that’s what happens when you open it. The green book is and edition of Pride and Prejudice from the 1950s. My cold brew coffee looks a bit dodgy. I assure you, it tasted fine. I will never put it on a book. Honestly, who does that?

It’s an okay first setup. I may try it again. Apparently, there’s a books photo community of Instagram called Bookstagram. Does anyone have any experience with this?


One thought on “Book and Coffee Photos

  1. Great photo actually 🙂 I “Bookstagram” and happen to be terrible at it haha. Link is on my blog. I am not as active there as I am here in the blogging community, but I really enjoy it. I have gotten to know some wonderful readers through Bookstagram.

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