May Summary and June Preview

And like that, May was over. It was full of rain, work, and sadly, not enough reading. I finished a whole six books this month. I’m hoping to have a better record in June.

Now, to be clear, I read nearly four hundred pages of Sharon Kay Penman’s Falls the Shadow before giving up on it, and the first chapter of Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos before realizing that he was explaining concepts I was already familiar with, so page count-wise, I’m not that far behind April’s total. I just didn’t finish as many total books. So it goes.

Anywho. The six books I finished:

I enjoyed the first three immensely, while the other three were a little… eh. They were quick reads, in any case, and I don’t regret reading them.

This past Memorial Weekend saw my plans change from one day to the next, and so I was doing a lot of driving, and not nearly as much reading as I had hoped to do. Still, I got a little done before our hiking trip, which was on a beautiful day and full of beautiful views like this:

Thanks to a lot of rain in the past few weeks, the trails at the park were starting to wash out, so while they are not technically difficult, the footing was a bit treacherous from time to time. Fortunately, there were few bugs and the temperature was perfect for being outside. I’ll have to remember this day once the summer heat comes along to melt us all like popsicles.

I’ve had this song in my head off and on again for the last couple of weeks:


Over the next couple of days, I’m hoping to finish up a couple of the books I’m currently reading- Conn Iggulden’s Margaret of Anjou, and Lisa Goldstein’s The Red Magician. I’m just over halfway through The Red Magician (it’s not terribly long) and I have less than 100 pages left in Margaret of Anjou, so provided I don’t get too distracted, I should be able to finish them both by week’s end.  I’m less than halfway through Margaret Campbell Barnes’s Brief Gaudy Hour. I’m enjoying it quite a lot, though, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish it.

As usual, I’ve picked five books I plan to read in June. My record with May’s ‘Top Five To Read” was pretty dreadful, as I only finished one of them (The Return of the King), and did not finish two others (Falls the Shadow, The Fabric of the Cosmos).

June’s Picks:
1. Bloodline – Conn Iggulden
2. Ravenspur – Conn Iggulden
3. Istanbul – Orhan Parmuk
4. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
5. The Black Company – Glen Cook

Bloodline and Ravenspur are the last two books in Iggulden’s The Wars of the Roses serieswhile Istanbul was one of my May picks that I’m still super interested in. I’m going to re-read Pride and Prejudice because I adore it and I haven’t read it for a whileand The Black Company has been staring at me from its spot on the bookshelf for a while now. There’s apparently going to be a television show based on it, and as a few of my friends are super excited about it, I feel like I should get a handle on what it’s all about so I have some idea of what they’re talking about.

And speaking of television shows….  I’m still loving American Gods, but haven’t watched any of the new Twin Peaks episodes yet. Given how that wonderfully weird show was a foundation for much of my pop cultural leanings, I really should get caught up on them. Also, Game of Thrones will be back soon!

But the show I’m most looking forward to this fall?

This one:


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