New Acquisition

If it wasn’t so hot out, I wouldn’t be spending my evenings in bookstores. I don’t buy very much, but I’m still there. Looking. Adding to my TBR.

I haven’t read Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, so I picked up a copy of it last night.

DSC01673 copy

I would have preferred to get Something Wicked This Way Comes, but they only had one copy, and the cover art was not nearly as good as this. It seems like all of Bradbury’s books have gotten a great redesign, except my favorite one. The search continues..

In other news, I bought a new lighting setup! Well, I’m still using my lamp, but I bought a light tent to better diffuse the light so I get less glare and shadow. Aesthetic backgrounds will come later. Probably.

Also, I’m doing the bookstagram thing on Instagram now at traveling.gladly. Follow me there so we can see each other’s book photos!

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