Sunday Sum-Up

Not much has happened since I wrote my August Summary a whole three days ago. I’d like to say that I finished the books I was reading then, but I still have half of Names for the Sea to go, and I’m about thirty pages from the end of The World Between Two Covers. I was trying to get that finished before I fell asleep last night, but that didn’t happen. For a good reason.

I got home from work yesterday with plans to listen to the game on the radio and then do some reading, but after a quick check of Facebook, I discovered that one of the women in my book club was throwing an impromptu get together at her house. Apparently, she had hosted a small party for her co-workers earlier in the week and though she had told her guests that she would provide beer and snacks, everyone brought a 4-pack from their favorite local brewery, drank one or two, and left the remainder there. So she and her husband– who don’t drink much themselves– had a refrigerator full of beer and no one to drink it.

So we had a book club meeting where we sat around a table full of beer, chips and salsa, guacamole, and amaretto cookies, talked about everything but politics, and finally got to see our friend’s charming and perfectly-sized backyard (the last time we were there, it was the middle of winter, snowy, and pitch black outside). In all, it was a perfect Saturday night, even if we didn’t watch the game (which the Huskers won by 7)

So that’s why I didn’t finish the book I intended to finish last night. I’m not worried, though. I have a whole two days ahead of me where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything, so I’m planning to get a lot of things done. I’m close to the end of The World Between Two Covers, and Names for the Sea shouldn’t take too long to finish. I want to at least start reading Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man over the long weekend, though it might get pushed to the side since the eBook version of A Study in Scarlet Women was automatically loaned to me once my number came up on the library’s hold list. I’d forgotten I’d requested that one. Surprise! It’s a gender bent version of the Sherlock Holmes stories, with Charlotte Holmes instead of Sherlock. I’m a sucker for a good Victorian mystery, so we’ll see how this one goes.


That’s all for now. I have a lazy weekend ahead of me. I’d better get to it.

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