Sunday Sum-Up

Will someone please tell Summer that it’s over? I’m really tired of these 90°F temperatures. 97° on the first day of Fall? Ugh. I’ve spent the last few days trying to keep cool and sleeping terribly thanks to the lingering hot weather. It’s supposed to cool off on Monday, and I can’t wait. I want my sweater weather.

18423I’m going to blame the heat for my crappy attention span. Instead of reading during my lunch hours, I did a lot of scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. It might have helped if I hadn’t been reading a book with major themes and complex worlds and ideas. If I’d had a couple of beach reads on the docket, I might have gotten more done. As it was I was reading Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, which is an amazing book that covers so very many things, but its depth requires attention and thought, neither of which I was very good at maintaining. *sighs* But I did finish it, and it was wonderful. I will have to re-read someday when I can give it the attention it deserves.

I’ll probably start reading All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders this week. The books I’ve finished in the last couple of weeks have been a bit heavy in their themes, so it will be good to have something at least a little lighter with me. If we get the rain the National Weather Service is forecasting, I’ll have some nice, rainy mornings in which to read before I have to get up and get ready for work.

In other news, Star Trek: Discovery premiers tonight! Can I describe how excited I am for it? No. No, I can’t.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I was five years old, and while I started with The Next Generation, its darker sibling, Deep Space Nine is the show that really got me into science fiction. The stories it told seemed much more complex than those on NexGen, and I liked the characters more, too. Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys were the Strong Female Characters I looked up to in high school, and the diversity of its characters and storylines helped me open my mind to a world beyond the homogeneous little town I was growing up in.

Who says TV is bad for you?

While CBS has restricted reviews prior to the show’s premier tonight, I did find one article stating that Discovery is the smartest science fiction show of television since SyFy’s remake of Battlestar Galactica. If that’s the case, then Discovery will be amazing, because BSG was a brilliant show.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. I forgot about Star Trek Discovery! If that tells you anything about how scattered my brain has been. It is a series I was sporadically and I was a fan of the classic films. I need to get back in touch with it. Will you have to be current to appreciate it? Or just set in same universe?

    I cannot believe you have so much heat. I really hope that lets up soon 🙂

  2. It’s set 10 years before the original series, so you don’t have to be current with the other series, though I always recommend Deep Space Nine. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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