Sunday Sum-Up

Of course it would follow that the day I finally remembered to bring my raincoat to work is the day that the rain finally stopped.

It rained all week. Well, most of the week. Wednesday afternoon was sunny, but that was just about it. Every other day involved rain and gloom, with several thunderstorms and a bit of flooding by the time the sun came out yesterday.

I went out and did stuff anyway.

Monday night, a friend and I went out to dinner at the Irish Pub downtown. It closed on Wednesday to make way for yet another sports bar serving burgers and whatever offerings every other sports bar in the world has. *sighs*

This was the way it was. Dark, homey, and charming. Now they’re going to brighten it up and add about a zillion televisions. I don’t plan to go to the new restaurant that opened in that space today. I’ve been to its sibling restaurant a few blocks away. I was not impressed by either the food or the ambiance.

On a happier note, Friday night saw me heading back downtown for my first First Friday gallery walk in a long time. Another friend went to Cuba last year, and he had an exhibition of his photographs in a swanky little reception hall. There were about forty images– mostly of Havana, but several of the Cuban countryside– and they were all fantastic. I particularly liked his photos of the gorgeous windows and doorways he found. I would have loved to buy a few of them, but sadly, I don’t have $1500 to spend on art. Nor do I have the wall space to hang up large artworks.

After leaving the show, I stopped at the restaurant downstairs for dinner. I’d had these grand plans to photograph the city streets while they were still wet (it was just sprinkling at that point, and my camera can handle that) but while I was eating, a thunderstorm rolled in and dumped more rain on us. I waited for about an hour, but came to the realization that it was going to rain all night. While my camera does have weather sealing, it’s not proof against a deluge.


The only photograph of the city streets I got last night, taken from a second story window. This was before the thunderstorm came in.

And now for books!

I am reading so many books right now!

I finished All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders early in the week, and then started and finished Old Scores by Will Thomas within twenty-four hours. It’s the newest book in the Barker & Llewellyn series, which has long been my favorite mystery series. This one is set in 1890 and revolves around the investigation of the murder of the Japanese ambassador to England. It’s wonderful to see how the narrator, Thomas Llewellyn, has grown since the first book. I always love revisiting these characters, and it’s the only mystery series I’ve been able to re-read multiple times. Look for a review later this week.

I’m currently in the middle of four books. The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, The Magician’s Assistant by Ann PatchettShades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal (the audiobook is read by Kowal herself), and The Invention of Murder by Judith Flanders. I’m liking all of them except for The Invention of Murder, but I’m only about twenty-five pages into it, and it’s a long nonfiction book about crime and the development of Scotland Yard in the Victorian era, so as I get the groundwork out of the way, it might get more interesting. Right now it’s a bit dry.

I should note that The Beautiful Ones has not actually been published yet. It’s due out October 24th. I happened to win a Goodreads Giveaway, and received an advanced reader’s copy a few days ago. I’m about ninety pages in, and it’s wonderful so far.

Assuming I can stay focused on my books and stay off my phone over lunch, I’m hoping to finish at least two of these books this week.

I’m starting to think about yearly projects for 2018. Last year, I decided to do a Photo 365, a project where you take a photograph a day for a full year. It’s not always as easy as you’d think to photograph something for 365 days straight. There are days you get busy, and then suddenly it’s 11:00pm and you realize you haven’t gotten your daily photo. I have some great pictures and some lousy ones, too. Overall, I’m glad I’ve done it. It makes me get my camera out and think. It’s especially helpful on days where I’m grouchy or don’t feel very creative. Once I start to really observe my environment, I snap right out of my gloomy moods.

So what should I do for 2018? One year I tried to memorize a different poem every month. I didn’t make it through January that year, but it might have been because I had people recommend poems to me, as opposed to finding poetry I was in love with. I have reading goals every year (though I blew past 2017’s goal in July), but because I read fast and daily, a reading goal doesn’t seem particularly special.

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. Memorizing a poem sounds cool….but puck the poem….I’ve seen people do challenges where they have to read books with colors in the title, or a book that starts with a, then b…..or you could try to read books from each country, or tales place in each state.

  2. I’m thinking of taking the first three months of so of 2018 to read books by non-US writers. I already have several waiting on my shelves, and there are a bunch on by TBR, too. For the whole year…? Still thinking on it. ‘Takes place in each state could be intriguing’…

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