Sunday Sum-Up

Well, I survived Thanksgiving. I don’t know why I always worry that a political argument will break out in the midst of dinner. We don’t talk about politics, like, ever. But every year I wonder if an argument will ruin the day and bring about all sorts of tensions in my politically diverse family. It never happens, though. We eat turkey, try to keep the kids from running completely mad, and play several rounds of the board game Sequence (and forget my turn twice). It’s a good time all around, and worth the three-or-so hour drive from here to there, though it gets stranger and stranger to go back to my hometown. As my childhood gets farther away, it feels more surreal to see all the places where I went when I was a kid.


Not my dog, but he’s pretty cute.

Speaking of going places…. Last weekend I ordered four books through which were supposed to be supplied by three different sellers. The one that two of the books are coming from somehow messed up my shipping information just enough that the package arrived here in town, and then failed to make it the last little bit to my mailbox. They tried to deliver it twice, and then instead of contacting me to pick it up at the post office, they just sent it back to the seller. So I’ll be waiting at least a week and a half to receive my books.

Another of the booksellers created the shipping label (which means that label is in the USPS database) on Monday, but the post office did not receive the package until yesterday morning.

The last book I ordered is a print on demand title, so I understand why it hasn’t been shipped yet, but the problems with the others are super frustrating.

Does anyone else use, and if so, have you had problems with shipping?

A couple of things I’ve been jazzed about this week:

I love the British quiz show, QI, but I can’t find it streaming anywhere when I’m in the US. Happily, the QI Elves had a podcast in the same bent, called No Such Thing As A Fish. It combines trivia and comedy, and it’s fantastic.

Also, Literary Hub, which has articles about books, writers, and writing among other things.

This week’s posts here included a review of Kierstin White’s wonderful And I Darken, and a Thanksgiving-themed post, Five Books I’m Grateful For.

And now for books!

22609433I only finished one book this week, Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran, which is about Queen Lakshmibai’s rebellion against the British, according to the summary, but it’s not about the rebellion at all, which only happens in the last twenty pages. Instead, it’s primarily about Sita, a soldier in Lakshmibai’s all-female army. I really wonder if the person who wrote the synopsis actually read the book. I should have a review later this week.

Currently, I’m reading André Aciman’s Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere, which is, on the surface, about Aciman’s travels but if you read deeper it’s about memory, regret, aging, and a host of other things, and that was only in the first two essays. I’m also working on A.S. Byatt’s Little Black Book of Stories, but as I’m intending to read a story before bed, I haven’t made much progress this week because I’ve been so tired that I straight-up fall asleep as soon as I lay down. I’ll keep at it, though.

And that’s been my week. It was busy, busy, busy, and the next month promises to be even busier. I’m planning small outings with friends to keep my sanity. This week, a couple of us are planning to see the film Lady Bird, which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and has been well reviewed everywhere. My book club is also planning a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style viewing of The Room next weekend ahead of James Franco’s new film The Disaster Artist which is a fictional account of the making of The Room, which is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made.

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