Goodreads Monday: Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade

457864Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade
by Assia Djebar
Historical Fiction
256 pages
Published 1985

From Goodreads: In this stunning novel, Assia Djebar intertwines the history of her native Algeria with episodes from the life of a young girl in a story stretching from the French conquest in 1830 to the War of Liberation of the 1950s. The girl, growing up in the old Roman coastal town of Cherchel, sees her life in contrast to that of a neighboring French family, and yearns for more than law and tradition allow her to experience. Headstrong and passionate, she escapes from the cloistered life of her family to join her brother in the maquis’ fight against French domination. Djebar’s exceptional descriptive powers bring to life the experiences of girls and women caught up in the dual struggle for independence – both their own and Algeria’s.


I came across this book in an article about books from around the world. These articles seem to have few listings from the many countries of Africa, and fewer still from North Africa. It think this is the first book I’ve come across from Algeria, so I’m looking forward to tracking down a copy of it.

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