Books I Will Probably Not Finish Tag

I saw this tag at Books, Vertigo & Tea and decided I would give it a try. Take a look at Danielle’s post to see her selections for this!

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A Really Hyped Book You Are Not Interested in Reading:

I’ve never been interested in anything by John Green, and it seems like there are few hyped new releases that I ever have a major interest in. Topping the list of books I’m not interested in reading, though, would have to be anything by Sarah J. Maas. I read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, disliked both of them, and have completely lost interest in anything else she might write.


A Series You Won’t Start/ Won’t Be Finishing

As often as I’ve seen people praise The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, I simply have no interest in it. A few reviews I’ve read recently have described the main character as shallow and aggravating, so that’s put the nail in its coffin for me.

I started reading Robert Jordan’s series, The Wheel of Time, back in college. The first few were great, but it slowed down so much across the later books that it took me months to finish book nine, and I even skipped whole chapters that had nothing to do with the main group. After Jordan’s death, Brandon Sanderson picked up the reins and finished the series, but while I enjoy Sanderson’s work, I still have no interest in finishing out the series.


A Classic That You Are Just Not Interested In:

Ulysses by James Joyce. No matter how often it’s described as a groundbreaking novel with a fascinating narrative structure, I simply can’t generate any interest in it. I gave it a shot once, got completely frustrated by its stream of consciousness story, and took it back to the library, never to bother with it again.

The same thing happened with William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. Once again, no matter how often I hear about its brilliance, I remember my aggravation with the narrative and pass it by. Again.


Any Genres You Have Never Read?

I don’t think there are really any genres I’ve never read, but there are genres I won’t read in the future, like ‘spirituality’ or religious fiction. Harlequin-style romances are another genre (sub-genre?) that I have no interest in.

A Book On Your Shelves You’ll Probably Never Read:

Bellefleur by Joyce Carol Oates is probably the book I’ve owned the longest without reading. I feel a little guilty about that, because Oates is one of those Great American Authors that everyone should have read by a certain point, and I think I once read a short story of hers when I was in high school…  Given that Bellefleur is a gothic story, it should be right up my alley, and yet I still haven’t read it.



I tag anyone who is interested in completing this one!

6 thoughts on “Books I Will Probably Not Finish Tag

  1. I’ve tried and failed to finish The Wheel of Time. I think I stopped around book five? I’ve been told it gets better again after a slump, but I just could not power through it.

  2. I did a lot of skipping in the last few books that I read in WoT. It just dragged on and on and on… It felt like Jordan was being paid by the word! You’re lucky you had the sense to stop when it started slowing down. I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation if I had.

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