Goodreads Monday: King’s Dragon

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme where we randomly select a book from our Goodreads To Be Read list and share it with the world. It’s hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners, so be sure to link back to her site so that we can all see what everyone plans to read!


King’s Dragon (Crown of Stars #1)
by Kate Elliot
623 pages
First published in February 1997, by DAW books

From Goodreads: The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil. King Henry still holds the crown, but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella, and there are many eager to flock to her banner. Internal conflict weakens Wendar’s defenses, drawing raiders, human and inhuman, across its borders. Terrifying portents abound and dark spirits walk the land in broad daylight.

Suddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict. Alain, a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles, and Liath, a young woman with the power to change the course of history. Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates. For in a war where sorcery, not swords, may determine the final outcome, the price of failure may be more than their own lives.


Once upon a time in high school, I was a member of the Science Fiction book club. In the little catalogs that arrived in the mail every month, I would see these books but I never tried them out. But recently a Bookstagrammer was talking them up, so I think I will give them a try. It’s a seven-volume series, and while a couple of the books are 900+ pages, I have read longer books (I’m looking at you, Stormlight Archive…), so if they are as good as I’m hoping,  their length won’t be a problem.

2 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday: King’s Dragon

  1. I have read some of Kate Elliott’s other works but never crown of stars. I always wanted to though. Can’t wait to hear what yer thoughts of this series be! Happy reading and sailing.
    x The Captain

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