Twenty-Five Bookish Facts About Me

I’ve seen one or people do this on BookTube, so I decided to give it a go. Trying to come up with a list of twenty-five bookish facts about yourself really makes you think about your life in books and your book preferences.

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  1. My dad taught me to read when I was four years old. I still remember sitting on his lap, sounding out the words in my big green storybook.
  2. I got my first library card when I was six. I was so excited that I showed it off to everyone when we got home.
  3. No matter what we read for school, I always had another book to read outside of my assigned reading. I usually didn’t mind reading assigned books, but it was nice to turn to something else on the weekend.
  4. I did not get along with my high school librarian, so I rarely went to the school’s library. I went to the public library downtown instead.
  5. I read The Hobbit in sixth grade because a friend was so excited about it. I read it, loved it, and decided to find out what else this Tolkien guy had written. I grabbed the only Tolkien book I saw in my junior high library, The Return of the King, not realizing it was the third book in the trilogy. I was incredibly confused, but loved the story so much I kept reading anyway. I went on to read The Two Towers next, and finally The Fellowship of the Ring.
  6. There was a bookstore in my little town, but by the time I had a job that provided me with a little disposable income, it had closed. After that, the next closest bookstore was thirty miles away.
  7. The librarians in my hometown’s public library were amazing. They never suggested I read something “more on my age level” or looked down at me for my science fiction and fantasy choices. And one of them constantly suggested new fantasy series to me, which I always ended up loving. They were (and are) experts and did their best to inculcate a love of reading in those they helped.
  8. The books I have owned the longest are a boxed set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings my parents bought me for Christmas when I was twelve. They are mass-market paperbacks with awful cover art and they are starting to fall apart, but I cherish them and will never get rid of them.
  9. I’ve had my current library card since I was in college. A friend and I walked to the downtown library branch to get library cards during our sophomore year, but I didn’t really use mine until after I graduated. Our university’s library is huge and fulfilled my need for books, and without my having to walk downtown.
  10. I have my library card number memorized. I know it better than I know my phone number.
  11. The three times my car has broken down and stranded me somewhere (two flat tires and a dead battery), I was at the library. Good job, car.
  12. I used to have a stack of books on the nightstand next to my bed, but I have had to do away with that stack because Mina the Kitten likes to chew on the corners of books.
  13. When I told my college art history professor that I had not read Paradise Lost, she gave me a funny look and said, “Why do I keep thinking you’ve read everything?”
  14. Basically, all my friends are bookish people.
  15. I enjoy pretty bookmarks, but I have cats. They like to play with the tassels on those bookmarks, so I just use a slip of paper or the plain bookmarks from the used bookstore downtown.
  16. My favorite bookstore ever is A Novel Idea, which is a used bookstore downtown with a wonderful staff and two cats. I’ve been going there since before I moved here. When we came to town on high school trips, my friends and I would make an effort to go if we had a bit of time to spare.
  17. I like to buy books as souvenirs when I travel.
  18. I’ve been blogging about books since 2013, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until late 2016.
  19. My favorite place to read is on my couch.
  20. I don’t get motion sickness while reading in the car. Apparently, this is uncommon?
  21. It took me a long time to get into audiobooks, in part because I had bad experiences with terrible narrators or books that were awful. I have entirely changed my mind about audiobooks. They’re great, and they totally count as reading.
  22. One of the city’s largest library branches is on my route to work. I usually stop there two or three times a week.
  23. I love nonfiction, particularly biographies and history. A good nonfiction book is as compelling as any novel, and it’s a true story! But for some reason, I rarely reach for nonfiction. I should change that in 2020.
  24. I am baffled by genre snobbery. I mean, does it really matter what someone else reads, especially if that someone else is a total complete stranger that you’ve only seen in passing on social media? Do people really feel superior because they only read literary fiction/mystery/SFF/obscure works in translation?
  25. I try not to let cover art sway my opinions about books, but I am a bit of a sucker for good design. If I’m going to buy a book for my home, I want it to be pretty as well as being a compelling read.


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6 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Such great answers! I can’t read in the car…I do get motion sickness…and bus rides aren’t always great either. My daughter just got her library of Congress library card. This was a very big deal in our household

  2. Neat for the Library of Congress card! I have never been there, but would love to go someday.

    Boo for the motion sickness while reading in cars! I am so glad that doesn’t happen to me, because there were soooo many long car rides when I was a kid…

  3. It killed me as a kid not being able to read in the car. Even now, if I’m on the bus and it’s long it drives me crazy that reading makes me queasy. My daughter has a seminar where they look at rare books, so they went in a field trip there recently and got the cards. She said it was amazing being in the reading room!!

  4. I love that you read RotK first! That would definitely be confusing, but I guess Tolkien is so fantastic, even reading his book out of order can’t ruin the experience! 😀

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