Bookshelf Tour, pt. 2: Nonfiction

We’re continuing with the bookshelf tour! This bookcase is the second one in my little studio- the one where my nonfiction lives. I don’t have as much nonfiction as I do fiction, and I’m less likely to keep nonfiction once I’ve read it.

My nonfiction titles are loosely arranged by the Dewey Decimal system, though I’m sure my librarian friends would completely rearrange them if they saw the shelf. My history books are mostly arranged chronologically by topic.

Once again, I’ll provide a Goodreads link for the books, so if you’re curious you can look them up. I’ll also mark the books I haven’t read. Except for the dictionaries. I don’t sit down and read dictionaries.

Top Shelf: General nonfiction

L Studio top



Bottom Shelf: History

L Studio bottom

Next to the books, I have a little shelf with crafting supplies. There are inks for journaling and two of the several kinds of glues I have.


That wraps up the second part of the bookshelf tour. Not as many books this time around, but I don’t have that much nonfiction, though there will be a bit more in the next installment.

11 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour, pt. 2: Nonfiction

  1. I’ve this (as you know) in college, I took a bible as literature class. Of course, the Bible had just come out then, so it was more of a trending thing….

  2. Very cool! I don’t read a lot of nonfiction – mostly archaeology, paleontology, and gender biographies – but they do tend to add a little grandeur to the shelves. 🙂

  3. I’ve attempted to read the bible front to back. I never get very far before getting bored and hopping around to interesting parts. I tried listening to a dramatized version of the bible as well, which was really cool, but eventually lost interest there too. I still would like to read the entire thing one day.

  4. I’m glad to see you have a Bible. I think that’s an important addition to all libraries. We need to understand the stories in the bible, regardless of whether you are religious or not, to recognize where things come from. It’s so influential! Though, I don’t think I’d ever read it cover to cover. Maybe if I participated in a Bible study course?

    How do you decide what books to buy/keep? This is such a varied collection of non-fiction!

  5. I agree. I’m not religious, but having a knowledge of basic Bible stories really helps you understand references in the wider culture. Steve Donoghue has some videos about certain books of the Bible, assuming you can find them…

    I buy nonfiction books the way I buy fiction– if it looks interesting, I’ll give it a shot. I’m generally curious, so I’m open to reading books on most topics. If I’ve read the book, and it’s likely that I’ll reread it or refer back to it at some point, then I’ll hang onto it.

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