Bookshelf Tour pt. 3: Historical Fiction and Oversized Books

Part three! We’ve left the studio and have entered the living room!

My gray shelves have been with me since college. There’s nothing special about them– I think we bought them at Walmart or someplace like that, but my Dad reinforced them and made them incredibly sturdy. I keep painting them whenever my overall home decor changes. Right now, they’re gray, but they’ve been green or blue before.

The top shelf includes some of my favorite historical fiction, which includes mystery series set in the Victorian era.

I don’t know why Station Eleven is shelved with historical fiction. I also don’t know why the mystery series are shelved out of order. Derp.

Gray top


Gray bottom

The bottom shelf! Sorry about the shadow. My apartment is shadowy.

The first two from the left are the art history textbooks from my first year of college. I’m not getting rid of them because A) they are super useful when I need to refer back to some bit of art history, and B) my professor helped write them. Her name is right there on the spine (Mamiya). Once again, I did not read the dictionaries.


So there’s the first bookcase in the living room. There are two more in here- my photography books, a stack of antiques, and the Tolkien bookcase. Then we’ll see the main, 5-shelf bookcase with my classics and science fiction and fantasy.

18 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour pt. 3: Historical Fiction and Oversized Books

  1. Steampunk is generally (but not always) set in Victorian England and assumes the development of robotics, airships, and computers based on Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine, but instead of being powered by electricity, everything is steam-powered. There may be magical or paranomal elements. It’s a fun subgenre, but I don’t read that much of it.

  2. Hahaha– I never would have noticed about the shadow. You’re definitely a photographer. 😉

    Steampunk Emporium sounds so cool! Have you made anything from this book? I’m not even remotely crafty, but I love the idea of crafting.

    Ugh, you’re not alone in having books out of order. I find that it’s difficult to keep my series books in order, particularly when my husband is reading them. He never puts them back in order. He’s an agent of chaos. But I struggle to do that too, sometimes. I didn’t know why! It’s a weird quirk of my shelves. Series together? Yes. In order? Rarely.

  3. I haven’t made anything from the Steampunk book (yet)! I had kind of forgotten about it until I went through all the titles for this. I’ll have to give one or two of the projects a shot sometime.

    I don’t have the excuse of a spouse/roommate putting the books in out of order, I just put them away wrong, even though it would have bugged me if I’d realized they were out of order! (They’re back in their proper order now…)

  4. If you do craft anything from the book, I’d love to see it. I find the concept of Steampunk fascinating and very appealing. The combination of Victorian clothing and values and intense love of science makes me so happy for some reason. It’s a bit incongruous and yet makes perfect sense.

  5. That’s my biggest pet peeve with fantasy worlds in general. The clothing is NEVER practical.

    My husband plays a lot of video games. Recently, he started a Warhammer 40K strategy game. I went to pester him while he was playing and he said, “Uh. I just want you to know, I don’t approve of this game’s fashions.” All the female warriors are basically wearing pasties and g-strings while the men are all in full suits of armor. I HATE that. So. Dumb.

  6. Right? I’ve found it’s mostly with fantasy video games and movies, because visual media. They always seem to go with the “outfits” that bare the most skin. It’s getting better, but still not great. Books seems to be better, when they deal with clothes at all. Assuming they don’t obsess over the clothes..

    Though, with the steampunk aesthetic, it’s the corsets and heeled shoes I couldn’t do, thought I suppose if I wanted to get into it, I could do a lady adventurer or mystic librarian sort of persona. 🙂 The fun thing about steampunk (or any of the –punks) is that you make it your own.

  7. Hahaha. Are you thinking of Robert Jordan and his obsession with Min wearing pants, perchance? 😉

    Yeah, the creativity of the -punks is one of the best parts. There are very limited rules so you always get to make your own!

  8. The Art of Michael Whelan is a favorite of mine I enjoy flipping through every so often. Such incredible artwork, and it’s great to see it not just in the art book but also as covers on favorite books.

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