Goodreads Monday: I’m Writing You From Tehran

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme where we randomly select a book from our Goodreads To Be Read list and share it with the world. It’s been hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners, but I’m not sure if that blog is active anymore. Please enjoy this preview of what I want to read in the future!

I’m Writing This From Tehran: A Granddaughter’s Search for Her Family’s Past and Their Country’s Future
by Dephine Minoui, translated from from the French by Emma Ramadan
320 pages
First published in English in April, 2019, by Picador

From Goodreads: Suffering the recent loss of her beloved grandfather and newly committed to a career in journalism, Delphine Minoui decided to visit Iran for the first time since the revolution – since she was four years old. It was 1998. She would stay for ten years.

In the course of that decade, great change comes to both writer and country, often at the same time. Minoui settles into daily life – getting to know her devout grandmother for the first time, making friends with local women who help her escape secret dance parties when the morality police arrive, figuring out how to be a journalist in a country that is suspicious of the press and Westerners. Once she finally starts to learn Persian, she begins to see Iran through her grandfather’s eyes. And so it is all the more crushing when the political situation falters. She is caught up in protests and interrogated by secret police; some friends disappear and others may be tracking her movements. She finds love, loses her press credentials, marries, and is separated from her husband by erupting global conflict. Through it all, her love for this place and its people deepens and she discovers in her family’s past a mission that will shape her entire future.

Framed as a letter to her grandfather and filled with disarming characters in momentous times, I’m Writing You from Tehran is an unforgettable, moving view into an often obscured part of our world.

I’ve always enjoyed a good memoir, and thanks to a Kurdish/Norwegian/British Bookstagrammer I follow who is proud of, yet conflicted by, her multicultural background and has begun writing a novel about her experiences, I’ve gotten more interested in Iran and its many cultural groups. So at some point, I want to track down a copy of this and give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday: I’m Writing You From Tehran

  1. It sounds fascinating. But I wonder if it will suffer from the same feeling I got with City of Girls. Gilbert’s book is ~500 pages and is a single letter written in response to one woman. Who writes a 500 page letter?! Maddening. I was constantly pulled out of the experience reading when the author would suddenly directly address the woman to whom the letter was being written. So odd. I am interested to see what you think of this.

  2. I’m not bothered by the format of a 500 page letter, as long as it’s done well. That’s how K Arsenault Rivera’s book The Tiger’s Daughter is set up, and I loved it. This sounds like a memoir, and I have heard it praised, so hopefully it will be good.

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