StoryGraph Saturday: On Time and Water

StoryGraph Saturday is a weekly thing where I randomly choose a book from my To Read pile on StoryGraph and show it off to both remind myself that it’s there and to show it to you, Dear Reader, in case you might find it interesting, too.

On Time and Water
by Andri Snær Magnason, translated from the Icelandic by Lytton Smith
Nonfiction/Science & Nature/History
290 pages
First published 2019

From The StoryGraph: In the next hundred years, the nature of water on Earth will undergo a fundamental change. Glaciers will melt, the level of the sea will rise, and its acidity will change more than it has in the past 50 million years. These changes will affect all life on earth, everyone that we know, and everyone that we love. It is more complex than the mind can comprehend, greater than all of our past experience, bigger than language. What words can grasp an issue of this magnitude? In an attempt to capture this vast issue, Andri Snær Magnason takes both a personal and a scientific approach–weaving his way through climate science via ancient legends about sacred cows, stories of ancestors and relatives, and interviews with the Dalai Lama. The resulting narrative is at once a travel story, a world history, and a reminder to live in harmony with future generations.

I don’t visit the website Literary Hub all that often anymore, but I happened to be glancing through the front pages articles the other day, and there was an excerpt from a book discussing Icelandic sagas, so I clicked on it and was blown away by the beautiful writing. Naturally, I had to add it to be To Read pile. Fortunately, my library has a copy, so I will definitely be reading this soon, because I’ve been missing Iceland terribly (I am happy to let the place live, rent-free forever, in my head), because I’m reading Icelandic sagas this season, and because of the beautiful writing.

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