May Summary and June Preview

So. May. Spring. Very Spring-like, if Spring involves a lot of clouds and 45F weather with a couple of days where the temperature decided to hop up to 90F because the weather here is temperamental and can’t decide what it wants to do. I’m really hoping that the hot weather we’re expecting for the first weekend of June doesn’t stick around. Do I want warm weather? Sure. Do I want hot weather? No. I dread those months were the weather slouches from ‘blast furnace’ to ‘sauna’ and stays gross-hot even in the middle of the night. Also? Cicadas. I hate them. They’re huge and loud and they never shut up.

Although I have to admit that I am looking forward to the return of fireflies. I’m good with them. They’re one of the good things about summer.

What I Finished Reading in May:

I finished fifteen titles in May. According to The StoryGraph, I read 5,791 pages, which seems like a lot, but three of the books had more than 500 pages (The Return of the Shadow with 512 pages, Rule of Wolves with 528, and The Broken Crown with 764). So I read a lot. It was great.

Statistically Speaking:

  • 66.7% of what I read was written by women, while 33.3% was written by men
  • 46.7% of the books were written by American authors, 40% were English, and 6.7% each were written by Canadian or Japanese authors
  • 53.3% were physical books, 33.3% were audiobooks, and 13.3% were ebooks
  • Genre-wise, 53.3% were fantasy novels, 20% were YA fantasy, 13.3% were science fiction, and 6.7% each were mystery or historical fiction
  • 46.7% of what I read came from my own shelves, 40% was from the library, and 13.3% were from NetGalley
  • Publication dates ranged from 1981 to 2021

I enjoyed pretty much, everything I read in May, except Dragon Sword and Wind Child, which was very surface level. I don’t know if it was because of the translation, or if that is just how the book is. It was fine otherwise, but I wish it had been deeper. I did not like The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley, which has a great premise but I thought the execution was lousy. The older I get, the less I like it when we’re supposed to be okay with letting characters get away with murder just because the protagonist thinks they’re pretty. Also, a premise introduced at the beginning (that sets off the whole novel) feels like it was abandoned at the end for the sake of convenience, and this character that the MC is desperate to get back to up and disappears by the end and after that happens the MC basically shrugs and goes, “well, that’s life”.

My favorites were Rule of Wolves, A Tip for the Hangman, Fugitive Telemetry, The Martian, and The Return of the Shadow. I’ve begun two new series (The Sun Sword by Michelle West and The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner), and didn’t finish any series, though I’ve picked up Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London books again, and I imagine I’ll finish up that series later this summer, as I only have three books left in it.

What I Plan to Read in June:

I am taking part in the Shelf Space Discord server’s Olympics Readathon. I’m on Team Nyx (goddess of the night) with a bunch of other women (and maybe some men? I don’t know. I haven’t seen any guys pop up in the chat). It looks like most of us are reading SFF novels, for the most part, which is fine by me. More for me to talk about and recommend.

So. I have a crazy number of books on the docket, because there are a series of prompts based on Greek deities, and we get extra points if we read books for the prompts. There are sixteen prompts total, and I’ve selected books for fourteen of them:

Are some of these rereads? Sure. Do I care? No. Some of these are my favorites, and I never mind rereading them, and some are books I read years ago and always meant to revisit. There are several books not on this chart that I’m intending to read, too, like the June selection for my big books challenge (Ovid’s Metamorphoses), and the next book in The History of Middle-earth (The Treason of Isengard). And I have a novella that came in at the library for me (Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor).

So here is the June TBR so far:

Not pictured:

NetGalley ARCs:

That’s twenty books if you weren’t keeping track. That’s a lot of books. Some of them (the ARCs in particular) I need to prioritize. Some (like The Fire Next Time, The Dream Hunters, and Remote Control) are short and won’t take very long for me to get through them. I also don’t think it will take me long to get through my favorites (like Neverwhere or The Curse of Chalion).

And you want to know a secret that the other teams don’t know?

I have a bunch of vacation time to use up before the end of August, so I’m taking off a couple of days this month specifically to read. So I’ll be getting through a lot of pages on those days.


Suffice it to say that I will not be watching very much television this month. Not that I usually do, but there will be even less of it this time.

It’s going to be fun.

6 thoughts on “May Summary and June Preview

  1. I’d love to reread Neverwhere one of these days. I really enjoyed that one and would be curious to see if my feelings have changed any, whether I’d like it more/less/about the same. And there are many others here I’ve yet to read but really want to. Good luck with your goals, and I hope you really enjoy each of the books you tackle.

  2. Thanks! I’ve been reading up a storm so far this month, and it’s been great! My feelings about Neverwhere definitely haven’t changed. I finished it on Wednesday, and I loved it just as much as ever.

  3. Ugh! The cicadas! I was driving on the highway today and two of them splatted on my windshield. Really surprised me when it happened because I didn’t expect it. There were a lot of their carcasses on the road too.

  4. Gross. I don’t see the appeal of cicadas. I know the media is going nuts over the East Coast ones (because every seventeen years, or something?), but we get them every year, and they’re huge and LOUD.

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