Most Anticipated Books of 2022

Like everyone else, I’ve been looking at the various titles due to come out in 2022 and making a list of the ones that sound the most interesting. There are a few upcoming releases from some of my favorite authors, and other authors who are new to me.

So without further ado, here are some of the books I’m looking forward to in 2022*:

Sarah Tolmie weaves a tale of myth and history about the legendary origins of the famous Icelandic horses as she follows a Norseman far from his northern home along the Silk Road to Mongolian steppes. There, he finds strange magic that transcends borders and what we think we know about civilization.

Cadenza, a city ruled by poets, has a skyline dominated by the spires of its great libraries. Carlo Mazzoni is a young man who arrives with the hopes of making his name as a great poet, but as he arrives the bells ring out to announce the death of Cadenza’s poet-king. Soon, Carlo finds himself tangled up in a web of politics and deception while the threat of war looms ever larger on the horizon.

  • The City of Dusk (The Dark Gods #1)
    by Tara Sim
    512 pages
    Expected publication date: March 22

The four realms– Life, Death, Light, and Darkness– all converge on the gods-blessed City of Dusk. But the gods have taken back their favor, and without it the city is dying. Unwilling to stand by and watch their world crumble into dust, the four heirs to the divine power become reluctant allies in a quest to save the city.

It’s rumored that magic- real magic- is present on Crow Island. But Annie Mason wants nothing to do with that. She’s only there to settle her late father’s estate and try to reconnect with her best friend Beatrice, who left Annie’s prosaic world behind for the glitz and glamour of Crow Island. But there is plenty of temptation on the island, and Annie’s infamous new neighbor, Emmeline Delacroix, may be the greatest temptation of all. After she witnesses a confrontation between Bea and Emmeline at one of Emmeline’s notorious parties, Annie is drawn into a haunted world of magic and glamour where illicit magic could mean your death.

  • Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky #2)
    by Rebecca Roanhorse
    416 pages
    Expected publication date: April 19

Chaos rules in the great city of Tova, and the Crow God’s eclipse keep the city in darkness. But as one ruler falls, another must rise. Meanwhile, those who have survived must deal with the consequences of their actions. Faith may be rewarded with death, and living avatars find that a god’s promises may strip them of their identity- and their very humanity. And the clans must unite with far-flung allies, for the war in the heavens is mirrored on the earth below.

  • Spear
    by Nicola Griffith
    176 pages
    Expected publication date: April 19

The girl knows she has a destiny before she knows her name. She lives with her mother in a cave in the wilderness, but visions of a lake far away and the story of King Artos of Caer Leon drive her to break her pact with her mother and travel across many leagues to seek her destiny. Along the way, she meets knights and ladies, warriors and sorcerers, and finds the lake from her dreams- and her fate.

In Victorian London, two children are are hunted by a dark figure made of smoke. Sixteen-year-old Charlie Ovid’s body heals no matter what, leaving not a scar on his body despite his brutal life. His companion, Marlowe, shines with a bluish light. Two detectives are tasked with taking the boys on a journey to Edinburgh, where other Talented children live in safety. There, Charlie and Marlowe will face the truth of their own nature and that of the institute they’ve been taken to, even as the worlds of the living and the dead collide around them.

  • The Grief of Stones (The Goblin Emperor #3)
    by Katherine Addison
    256 pages
    Expected publication date: June 14

In this direct sequel to 2021’s The Witness for the Dead, Addison picks up the story of Thara Celehar, the Witness for the Dead of Amalo. His isolation has eased somewhat as his circle of friends grows, but his duties still weigh heavily upon him- especially when he takes on the task of Witnesses for an orphan girl: one of many in Amalo whose prospects are grim at best. Witnessing for the girl leads Celehar into the darkness of his past, and only the love of his friends can bring him out of it again.

At the end of the twelfth century, spirited young Isabelle longs to leave behind her stifling life in provincial France and lead a life as romantic and as storied as that of her notorious idol, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Isabelle’s arranged marriage to an English nobleman, Gerard, fulfills her desire of an adventurous life- at first. But his controlling nature and his dual obsessions with falconry and with having an heir will force Isabella to make bold and perilous decisions that will change her life forever.

* Note: publication dates are subject to change without much notice, so they might be updated as 2022 progresses.

11 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Books of 2022

  1. There’s a lot to look forward to here. The only books I can think of off the top of my head right now are The Bloody Throne by S.C. Emmett, which will conclude that series, and The Martyr by Anthony Ryan, if that gets an actual publication date during the year. But I’ve no doubt many more books will be brought to my attention as we get into the year. 🙂

  2. I have a NetGalley account, but it still feels like a toss-up sometimes. Unless it’s from a select couple of publishers that pretty much always approve my requests. I always forget about the Goodreads giveaways.

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