Film Photography: Some Horizontal Things

I’ve been using more 35mm film these days, so I’ve been going through some of my film photographs and printing them out. There are some shots that I had forgotten about, but that I find interesting even though the subjects are mundane: the gymnasium of a local college, an apartment building, a bench, and some steps at a local museum. But their mundane nature doesn’t make them less interesting to me

6 thoughts on “Film Photography: Some Horizontal Things

  1. There’s a lot of geometric interest here. I really like that last one and enjoy photos like it. I’ve been curious lately to dig up some of my old film I’ve not looked at in decades and see if there’s anything of interest there. Likely not much, but it might be fun looking back. Thanks for showing these.

  2. I agree with Todd about the geometric interest. That’s what draws me to these, esp the first one which I really like. Just seems that my eye first goes to the lines on the field then follows them to the building to go up. Pretty cool.

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