Photos on a Rainy Day

We had our first truly autumnal day a couple of days ago. The day’s high was around 60°F, and it rained most of the morning, which we definitely needed. It was cloudy most of the afternoon, and the sun didn’t come out until late in the day. Of course I took advantage of having the day off to go out and take some photos of the wonderfully gloomy day.

I shot all of these with a Sony A7III camera body and an adapted Canon 135mm F/2 FD-mount lens.

13 thoughts on “Photos on a Rainy Day

  1. I love this collection. What a great way to spend part of this kind of day. And to then come home with these? Nice! You really took advantage of that f/2 lens to create some great pull to certain parts of each image. My favorite is probably the bench, because we’d most often consider the bench the subject and yet that’s part of what’s out of focus so we really only look there after seeing the stones. I very much like that.

  2. Thanks, Todd! It was so nice to be able to go out and wander around for a while. I like this lens and the way it renders color, but it can be a trick to use, since I can only focus manually, and sometimes I can’t see my focus peaking very well, depending on the angles I’m at. I’m really glad the ivy photo turned out. That was my favorite of the day.

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