Walking Through the Woods

We don’t have much in the way of woods around here, really. There is a stretch of wooded area just outside the city that serves as a park and watershed. It is lightly maintained, with volunteers who come through to make sure the trails are clear and cut up any trees that have fallen across said trails. Otherwise, things grow and die and nature intends. It’s a peaceful place, though it’s hard to get away from the traffic noise, as there’s a highway not too far away. Still, it’s quiet and there are plenty of animals living there and some nice views of the creek that runs through it all. I’m happy that it’s finally cool enough for me to venture over there again.

9 thoughts on “Walking Through the Woods

  1. Those are some very nice bits of light you found. 🙂 I love these sorts of areas, ones where you had just been in a busy area with plenty of traffic and people but now, less busy, less people, hopefully a little less noise, more natural sounds, perhaps a fresh breeze off the creek, a place to relax a little and get yourself ready to once again head back into that busy and turbulent mass of people and buildings and roads.

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