Morning at the Park

I went to a nearby state park on my day off. It’s the one I usually go to, as it’s nearby, quiet, and full of trees, but the fall colors have been especially bright around here this year, so I wanted to go while the color was at its peak. I didn’t get as many photographs of the little waterfall as I usually do, but I did go farther downstream than I usually do. An a little farther upstream, too.

I had the place entirely to myself for the first couple of hours I was there, which was a change as there is usually another photographer or two there getting their shots between family groups coming through.

From the tower overlooking the river. The water level is lower than usual thanks to the drought.

8 thoughts on “Morning at the Park

  1. I always love having a place like this to myself even if only for a couple hours. It can be very peaceful and such a fantastic way of winding down from other parts of the week. I really like that last photo with the bridge and the beautifully lit tree behind it. The leaves really glow. Autumn can create pure magic sometimes.

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