Farmers Market

The local Sunday Farmers Market started back up this past weekend, so of course I had to go. Though it’s a little too early in the season to get much produce, I was hoping to pick up something from the international cookie booth and get a bouquet of flowers from one of the flower stalls. Alas for me, it’s early in the season for flowers, too, and while I got to the market fairly early, the available flowers were already gone (except for the expensive tulips, which I wasn’t interested in). But I did get some cookies- a box of maamoul, to be exact- and a loaf of fresh bread from a local bakery. The bread was probably more expensive at the market than if I’d just gone to their shop, but it just tastes different when you get something from an open-air market in the early spring.

I didn’t stay very long, as it was windy and cool (about 48°F, with winds gusting to 35-40mph), but I took a quick walk in the neighborhood park I always park my car near when I go to the market. It’s a beautiful part of town, so I don’t mind the walk from park to market and back again.

I love the tenacity of the dandelion
The bread was delicious, even on its own
Maamoul, a date-filled and decorated cookie from the Middle East and Northern Africa. I always tell myself I should try another cookie option at the booth, but I always end up getting maamoul

7 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. A few weeks back my father and I stopped at a farmers market in a small town as we drove through on the way elsewhere and I was surprised and happy to find someone who had a bench covered in books from the towns little free library. I grabbed a couple books with the promise of bringing more next time we drove through. I love the look of those cookies, they’re new to me.

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