Am I Traveling Like Wes Anderson?

There is a fun little fad I’ve seen going around Instagram over the past week or so where people make videos as though they’re in a Wes Anderson film. My favorites have been about a guy visiting his favorite lighthouse, one from Barnes and Noble, and a local video company showing off some of their favorite local spots.

While I don’t do video (yet?), I thought hopping on the trend, after a fashion, would be fun. So I took a quick look back through my travel archives and found some photographs I took in Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland that I think fit the ‘Wes Anderson aesthetic’.


Do I travel like Wes Anderson?

7 thoughts on “Am I Traveling Like Wes Anderson?

  1. Omg yes!!!! These are awesome! Can I randomly give you director’s and you find photos that fit there style?

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