Book Review: The Four Profound Weaves

The Four Profound Weaves by R.B. LembergFantasy192 pagesExpected publication September 4, 2020, by Tachyon Publications In desert lands where weavers can weave cloth from sand and memory, Uiziya has spent years waiting and then searching for her aunt Benesret, the master weaver who creates cloth from bones for a mysterious order of assassins. Though the … Continue reading Book Review: The Four Profound Weaves

Book Review: Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gothic/ Horror 352 pages Expected publication date June 30, 2020, by Del Rey The Gothic novel has long been a notorious subgenre defined by its unrepentant melodrama, eerie mansions, gloomy locales, and family skeletons lurking in every closet. With her new novel, Mexican Gothic, Canadian author Silvia Moreno-Garcia presents a … Continue reading Book Review: Mexican Gothic

Book Review: The Court of Miracles

The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant YA Historical Fiction 464 pages Expected publication June 2, 2020, by Knopf Children's Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables has inspired all sorts of adaptations since its publication in 1862, including the beloved musical of the same name. In Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Schönberg's musical, the dynamic second half … Continue reading Book Review: The Court of Miracles