Book Review: My Letters to Conceição

My Letters to Conceiçãoby Jorge Molina del CallejoFiction/FabulismPublished in October, 2021 by Incorgnito Press During a business trip to Cambodia, a man is given a package of letters by a mysterious woman. The letters prove to be unmailed letters written by a thirty-something American man named Vasco to his lost love, Conceição. The return addresses … Continue reading Book Review: My Letters to Conceição

Sunday Sum-Up: September 19, 2021

The weather is continuing to slowly cool down. Over the past several evenings I've had the windows open with the breeze blowing in, and the cicadas have finally stopped buzzing. So now, instead of having their ear-piercing static song droning all through the night, we're getting crickets. Crickets are much quieter and more melodious than … Continue reading Sunday Sum-Up: September 19, 2021