The Rings of Power: What We Know From the Trailer

The teaser trailer for Amazon Prime's upcoming show The Rings of Power (due out September 2) premiered during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, and as of this writing, the not-quite-minute-long teaser has been viewed nearly 19 million times and been the subject of much speculation among Tolkien fans. But what do we really know … Continue reading The Rings of Power: What We Know From the Trailer

Sunday Sum-Up: September 19, 2021

The weather is continuing to slowly cool down. Over the past several evenings I've had the windows open with the breeze blowing in, and the cicadas have finally stopped buzzing. So now, instead of having their ear-piercing static song droning all through the night, we're getting crickets. Crickets are much quieter and more melodious than … Continue reading Sunday Sum-Up: September 19, 2021

Classic Remarks: Classic Couples

Classic Remarks is a meme hosted by Krysta and Brianna at Pages Unbound. Each week, they pose a question about classic works of literature in order for readers to engage in a continuing conversation about elements of classic literature, the literary ‘canon’, and the timelessness of story. If you’re interested in participating, you can find … Continue reading Classic Remarks: Classic Couples