Book Review: The Goblin Emperor

The Goblin Emperorby Katherine AddisonFantasy448 pagesPublished in 2014 After an airship crash kills Emperor Varenechibal IV and his eldest three sons, Varenechibal's fourth and ill-favored son Maia ascends to the imperial throne as ruler of the elflands. The only child of a loveless political marriage, Maia was relegated to a dreary former hunting lodge after … Continue reading Book Review: The Goblin Emperor

Book Review: A Memory Called Empire

A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1)by Arkady MartineScience FictionPublished in 2019 Mahit Dzmare is a young ambassador fulfilling a lifelong ambition: to travel from her home on the independent Lsel Station to the vast Teixcalaan Empire, whose culture she has long been obsessed with. Complex, cosmopolitan, and endlessly self-referential, Teixcalaan expands in two ways: through … Continue reading Book Review: A Memory Called Empire

Book Review: My Letters to Conceição

My Letters to Conceiçãoby Jorge Molina del CallejoFiction/FabulismPublished in October, 2021 by Incorgnito Press During a business trip to Cambodia, a man is given a package of letters by a mysterious woman. The letters prove to be unmailed letters written by a thirty-something American man named Vasco to his lost love, Conceição. The return addresses … Continue reading Book Review: My Letters to Conceição