Sunday Sum-Up

Another week has come and gone, and once again I'm wondering where all that time went. I really need to get that temporal vortex out of my closet. I know some of the time was spent in finally watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and a little bit was spent watching Will. As for the rest of it? I dunno. … Continue reading Sunday Sum-Up

Sunday Sum-Up

I am pleased to report that I did not melt this week after dealing with heat indexes approaching 108°F (42°C), and actual temperatures that didn't drop below 90°F until after 10:00pm. I felt like I swam to work yesterday morning through 90% humidity. But thanks to several coffee shops and bookstores with their wonderful air … Continue reading Sunday Sum-Up

New Acquisition

It was a horridly stressful day at work yesterday, so I dropped by the bookstore afterward to relax. Of course I looked at the photography section and found this little gem: This is a collection of photographs by award-winning National Geographic photographers. The book starts with photographs taken in the morning, progresses to into the … Continue reading New Acquisition

New Acquisitions

What's a girl do to do when she's finished her public library's summer reading program and earned a coupon at her favorite used bookshop? She goes and buys books, of course! Especially on Cookie Day at said bookshop. Homemade cookies and lemonade, cats, and discussions about books and travel amidst someone else's air conditioning? Yes, … Continue reading New Acquisitions