Sunday Sum-Up

At one of our monthly book club meetings, my friend, S, declared that she would love to have Merida's hair. She was, apparently, bored of her perfectly straight, dark hair (hair that I find to be absolutely beautiful and am profoundly envious of). Thanks to my Irish heritage, my hair will, on a good day, … Continue reading Sunday Sum-Up

Review: The River of Consciousness

The River of Cosnciousness by Oliver Sacks Non-Fiction/Science 256 pages Publishes October 24, 2017 From Goodreads: From the best-selling author of Gratitude, On the Move, and Musicophilia, a collection of essays that displays Oliver Sacks's passionate engagement with the most compelling and seminal ideas of human endeavor: evolution, creativity, memory, time, consciousness, and experience. Oliver Sacks, a scientist and a … Continue reading Review: The River of Consciousness