Book Review: The Witness for the Dead

The Witness for the Dead (The Goblin Emperor #2)by Katherine AddisonFantasy240 pagesPublished in June, 2021, by Tor In The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison introduced us to Maia Drazhar, the youngest and ill-favored half-goblin son of the emperor of the elven lands. After the suspicious deaths of his father and elder brothers, Maia suddenly found himself … Continue reading Book Review: The Witness for the Dead

Book Review: The Ice Lion

The Ice Lion (The Rewilding Reports #1)by Kathleen O'Neal GearScience Fiction/Climate FictionExpected publication date: June 15, 2021, by DAW A thousand years in Earth's future, thick algae-like zyme coats the oceans, while glaciers three miles thick cover vast swathes of land. Before the ice took over the world, human scientists recreated certain species of Ice … Continue reading Book Review: The Ice Lion