The Lord of the Rings Reread


Check here for resources and updates for my The Lord of the Rings Reread project!

The Lord of the Rings and Other Sources

A Personal History with Tolkien Q&A

Escaping to Middle-earth

The Fellowship of the Ring: Book I

Concerning Hobbits

Frodo Baggins and the Worst Birthday Gift Ever: Chapters I, II

Frodo Gets the Heck Out of Hobbiton, in a Leisurely Fashion: Chapters III, IV, V

Home is Behind, Weirdness is Ahead: Chapters VI, VII, VII

In Which the Company Meets a Tall, Dark Stranger : Chapters VIII, IX

Maybe Don’t Bring a Hobbit to a Sword Fight: Chapters X, XI

The Fellowship of the Ring: Book II

Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Baggins: Chapters I, II

Hobbits in Dark Caverns Shouldn’t Throw Stones: Chapter III, IV

Over the Chasm and Through the Woods: Chapters V, VI, VII

Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Anduin: Chpaters VII, IX

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Chapter X

The Two Towers: Book III

They Went Thataway: Chapters I, II

The Tree is Talking, Merry...: Chapters III, IV

All the Pretty Horses: Chapters V, VI

‘This is the hour when we draw swords together!‘: Chapter VII

The Trees That Hit Back: Chapters VIII, IX

‘Fool of a Took’, Take Two: Chapters X, XI

The Two Towers: Book IV

The Darkening of Frodo Baggins: Chapters I, II

You Can’t Get There From Here: Chapters III, IV

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Chapters V, VI

“We’re in the Same Story”: Chapters VII, VIII

Along Came a Spider: Chapters IX, X

The Return of the King: Book V

On the Move: Chapters I, II

“So we come to it in the end…”: Chapters III, IV

“But no living man am I!” : Chapters V, VI

The King Returns! Sort of.: Chapters VII, VIII

Once More Unto the Breach: Chapters IX, X

The Return of the King: Book VI

The One Where Sam Simply Walks Into Mordor: Chapters I, II

“Here at the end of all things…”: Chapter III

A Whole New World: Chapters IV, V

The Road Home: Chapters VI, VII

You Can’t Go Home Again: Chapters VIII, IX